Accurate weather forecasting and how it helps tourism

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Destination resorts are a massive hit in the holiday season, where vacationers can enjoy luxury and comfort along with quality
amenities such as food, drink, lodging, sports, gaming, entertainment, outdoor activities, adventure games, and shopping throughout their stay.

Many resorts are spread across large acres of land and thus have the facility to host many outdoor events and activities to keep their guests entertained and busy. Most of these activities are heavily dependent upon the prevailing weather conditions at that time. Let’s be honest; no one wants it to rain when there’s a fun campfire planned!

In fact, sudden showers did play spoilsport to one of our customers holiday plans once!

Photo by Mahad Aamir on Unsplash

Still, sadly, BINGO was no match for a bonfire. It’s not every day that you get to enjoy a bonfire by the beach! If the resort had Frizzle, all of these situations could have been avoided.

With the help of Frizzle’s hyperlocal weather forecasting, the resort management could rearrange their schedule to accommodate outdoor activities at a time when it wasn’t going to rain. Not only will this allow the resorts to plan and prepare for activities better, but it would also boost the resort’s ratings from happy and satisfied customers being able to enjoy all the activities that they were eagerly waiting for throughout their stay at the resort.

Ways resorts and tourism can benefit from good weather data.

  • Good reviews and ratings will catalyse frequent repeat visits by vacationers and attract newer vacation-goers to the resort as the sparkling reviews and ratings spread across the internet.
  • It will also increase revenue for the small businesses and tourist locations close to the resort, thereby resulting in a win-win for the entire area and locality!
  • Accurate and flexible pricing based on seasonal changes. Knowing exactly when the weather’s going to take a turn for the worse is a great asset when coming up with pricing related to the various vacation plans and packages.

These are just a few ways Frizzle can help resorts in terms of accurate planning and scheduling of their outdoor activities to provide the utmost quality of service to their guests and achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

An advance warning of the prevailing weather conditions is a must-have for any successful resort business!

So, want to stay away from the drizzle, get Frizzle :)



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